Wagan 400-Watt Power Dome Jump Starter with Built-In Air Compressor and LED Utility Light

Wagan 400-Watt Power Dome Jump Starter with Built-In Air Compressor and LED Utility Light

  • 400 cranking amps jump starter
  • 275 PSI air compressor
  • 5 built-in LED lights
  • 18Ah DC power source
  • Rechargeable via the included AC or DC adapters

The Wagan 400-Watt Power Dome Jump starter provides 900 peak cranking amps and comes equipped with industrial grade number 6 cables and heavy-duty booster clamps, making it easy to start your vehicle in emergency situations. The 275 PSI air compressor features a quick-flow, high-powered motor, a high-pressure air hose, and can inflate a 16-inch tire in about 6 minutes. This jump starter also features a built-in 400-watt DC-to-AC power inverter that can power TVs, laptops, stereos and more. It also comes with two 12-volt DC power outlets with overload protection. The five bright LED lights help light up the night, and easy to read bi-color LED indicator lights inform you of the unit’s power status and charge level.There are times when an alternative power source is called for, not just to jump-start your vehicle but to power appliances in an area where there is no available outlet. The Wagan Power Dome 400-watt power source provides more than enough power to restart your car and run lights and power tools in emergency situations.

Jump-Start Your Car and Power Small Appliances
The Power Dome features 900 peak cranking amps, and connects to your vehicle battery via industrial grade number 6 cables and heavy-duty booster clamps. There are 2 AC outlets and 2 DC outlets for running smaller appliances with overload protection and easy-to-read bi-color LED indicator lights to inform you of power status and charge levels.

900 peak cranking amps makes the Wagan Power Dome an important addition to your camping or emergency supplies.

The unit comes with 2 AC and 2 DC outlets.

An air compressor allows you to inflate tires, sports gear, and more.

Portable and Powerful
A powerful 18 amp-hour battery is at the heart of this portable power system. It pumps out 600 cranking amps to jump-start a car, truck, or boat and provides up to 400 watts of 110-volt house current to run TVs, laptops, stereos, cell phones, and more. It also has two lighter sockets to power your 12-volt accessories away from the car. The Power Dome can jump start most 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines and will operate a wide range of DC-powered products. Ideal for power emergencies, the Power Dome is a perfect compact power source that goes where you do.

Runs Small Appliances
The Power Dome also has 2 AC and 2 DC to run items like hand-held games, laptops, and lamps if there’s no household outlet nearby. For convenience and safety, the product has a built-in 5-LED light for extra illumination. With a run time of more than 15 hours, the light is useful during an extended power outage, a weekend camping trip, or when jump-starting a car at night.

Built-in Air Compressor
The built-in 260 psi air compressor inflates tires or sports equipment with ease. The high-powered motor and high-pressure air hose inflates a 16-inch tire in about 6 minutes.

Recharges Anywhere
Charge the Power Dome at home or in your vehicle with the included adapters to make it ready anytime, anywhere you need it.

Includes complete gauges, overload protection, and external fuse for safe operation.

Coleman Cable 01915 3-Foot Generator Power Cord Adapter, 10/3 Splitter Y Adapter, L5-30P to (2) Lighted 5-20R

  • 10/3 splitter y adapter, l5-30p to (2) lighted 5-20r outlets
  • Power distribution generator extension cord
  • Hard-usage and oil resistant cable jackets withstand harsh environments
  • For use in disaster recovery, restoration, renovation or maintenance projects requiring temporary, portable power
  • Convert non-standard power outlets into usable 125v power

Adapters that accommodate NEMA receptacles on generators up to 11,000 watts; Convert twist lock plug into two usable standard 110 receptacles; Generators can now be used to their fullest potential without end-users making their own devices from components; Master – MGH4000C, MGH4000CI, MGH5000D, MGH5000DI, MGH5000DIE, MGY5000C, MGH6500IE, MGH8500IE, MGH8500IE, MGH8500AIE, MGH10000C; Honda – EM5000SXK2A, EB3800XA, EB5000XK2A, EB11000K1A, EM3800SXA, ES6500K2A, EU3000IS, EG5000XK1A, EB6500XA, EX4500SK1A, EB3000CKAG, EG3500XK1A; Baldor – PC40H, PC50H, PC60H, PC60HE, OHV40, OHV0H, OHV60H, OHV60HE; Tsurumi – TPG4300HDX, TPG6000HDX, TPG7000HDX

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