Sterno 40006 Smores-N-More Marshmallow Roaster Reviews

Sterno 40006 Smores-N-More Marshmallow Roaster

  • Safe for indoor and outdoor use
  • Cooking fuel gives up to 45 minutes of burn time
  • Comes with 1 roaster, 1 can of cooking fuel, 4 marshmallow roasting sticks, and a s’mores recipe
  • Cooking fuel is non toxic, gives off no carbon monoxide emissions, and is made from renewable resources
  • Perfect for picnics, family night, backyard camping trips, birthdays, tailgating or even as an after school snack

Now take the fun of a campfire with you wherever you go with Sterno’s S’mores-n-More Marshmallow Roaster! This roaster is made of durable ceramic with the open top covered by wire to protect you from the heat of the fire. A convenient side cutout lets you easily insert and light a can of Sterno’s best cooking fuel. This fuel is non toxic, has up to 45 minutes of burn time, gives off zero carbon monoxide emissions, and is both biodegradable and made from renewable resources like sugarcane and corn. The heat it produces is perfect for making melt in your mouth S’mores that are sure to be a hit at your next picnic, family night, backyard camping trip, birthday, tailgating or even as an after school snack. This kit includes 1 Sterno S’mores-n-More marshmallow roaster, 1 can of Sterno gel cooking fuel, 4 marshmallow-roasting sticks, and a great S’mores recipe. Since 1893, the Sterno Brand has been the most respected name in portable cooking fuel. Originally known as S. Sternau & Co., the company became a household name in 1917. Sterno promoted their portable stove as an essential gift for soldiers going to fight in the trenches of Europe. Sterno stoves heated water and rations, sterilized surgical instruments, and provided light and warmth to bunkers and foxholes. Sterno products have been alongside America’s fighting men and women in every military engagement since. Sterno has also been the keeper of the flame for the foodservice industry. Through the years, the top names in foodservice, catering and restaurants have honored us with awards and accolades because of the consistently outstanding performance of our products. We bring that same commitment to excellence in everything that we make for consumers, also. At The Sterno Group, our passion has always been developing a quality product — one that is safe, reliable, and innovative. Sterno Brand products always deliver, giving you the peace of mind to focus on what really matters, the food you serve.

33 Piece Party Kit

  • Includes 3 complete serving kits
  • All pieces are disposable for easy clean-up
  • Includes chafing kits
  • Includes serving utensils

Great for all types of events! Kit includes 3 full size chafing rack, 3 full size foil pan, 6 half size foil pans, 6 heating fuels, 3 serving tongs, 6 serving spoons and 6 serving forks.

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