Mini Hibachi for use with Sterno #Hib-01

Mini Hibachi for use with Sterno #Hib-01

  • Scoop sterno gel into the iron bowl under the grate and light.
  • For use to reheat appetizers at your table!
  • Use to toast marshmallows and make s’mores!
  • Fun conversation piece! Guests LOVE it!!
  • Not for use with charcoal

Mini Hibachi Grill for appetizers or roasting marshmallows!! Fueled by sterno (not included) this small cast iron and wood base grill can be used to re-heat skewered meats or grill vegetables. Fun for tabletop cooking! It is also known as a PU-PU grill and it stands 4 inches tall and has a 3 1/2 inch diameter cast iron grill on the iron body. THIS IS NOT BIG ENOUGH TO COOK RAW MEATS, BUT IS WONDERFUL FOR REHEATING APPETIZERS OR ROASTING MARSHMALLOWS. Use with adult supervision.

*****The wooden base color may be a darker brown than the one pictured.

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