Gas Mask Civilian Model Nuclear Biological Chemical

Gas Mask Civilian Model Nuclear Biological Chemical

This is a brand new in the box civilian model gas mask. It is designed to keep you alive in the event of a nuclear, biological or chemical attack. It is imported by Evirstar Defense Products and has a model number of GP-5.If comes with a new unopened filter and inserts for antifogging.It even comes with a very cool military looking bag with long strap. My daughter immediately discarded the mask and made off with the bag. Its definately cool if you are into that sort of thing.It is further designed so that when you inhale the filtered air clears your eye ports of moisture. Very smart.I have small adult and large adult, so please let me know which one you would like. You generally want this mask to fit tightly so as to exclude any outside air from entering around the rim. However they tend to fit smaller than they are. Im barely a large but still wear an extra large.To be more exact. keep in mind these masks are stretchy fit all rubber.approximately 63 cm is an adult small. (24.8′) Plus or minus a bitapproximately 68 cm is an adult large (26.8′) Plus or minus a bitapproximately 70 cm is considered an adult large (27.5′) Plus or minus a bit.We dont have any adult medium. Also if you want to measure your head measure from under your chin to the highest spot on your head round. Do not just measure your forehead.Also I now have childrens masks so please state if you would like that.

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