Fully Stocked Tactical Trauma Kit First Aid Kit Bag

Fully Stocked Tactical Trauma Kit First Aid Kit Bag

  • Contains over 230 Items
  • Great Tactical Trauma Kit
  • First Aid Kit In Trauma Bag

This is the model FA138. The The Tactical Trauma Kit #3 is a very nice backpack with a lot of compartments for easy access to the contents. This backpack is designed and used by professionals, and is very comfortable to wear. The Tactical Trauma Kit #3 measures: 18”x10”x11”, and weights 9 lbs.

A well-stocked first-aid kit can help you respond effectively to common injuries and emergencies. Keep at least one first-aid kit in your home and one in your car. Store your kits in easy-to-retrieve locations that are out of the reach of young children.

Quikclot Sport Brand Advanced Clotting Sponge ,Stop Bleeding Fast, 50 Gram Package

  • Stop bleeding fast
  • Keep wounds clean
  • Beat the heat
  • Quikclot stops bleeding 3 times faster than blood on its own.
  • Mesh bag keeps quikclot granules out of wounds.

QuikClot sport is a battlefield proven way to stop serious bleeding. An Advanced Clotting Sponge for stopping traumaticbleeding. FDA approved version is ready for every medicalkit. Silver is antibacterial and recommended if it will takeover 24 hours to get professional help.

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