Bicycle Generator Kit 300 Watts DC Pedal Power Generator With Dynamo, Belt, Plate, Stand

Bicycle Generator Kit 300 Watts DC Pedal Power Generator With Dynamo, Belt, Plate, Stand

  • Works on children’s bike or adult sized bike
  • Adjustable to kids bike or adult bike
  • Good for charging 12V Batteries and Powerpacks through a blocking diode
  • Easy to assemble within 20 Minutes with YouTube video
  • Output: up to 40VDC, 15 Amps nominal, 20 Amps peak, 300 Watts Peak, Internal Resistance: ~0.35 Ohms

This belt drive pedal power bicycle generator dynamo kit is a great way to make alternative energy, emergency power, and do fun educational learning projects. Satisfaction guaranteed! We’ve been making DIY bike generator kits for 3 years and have not had one returned yet.

With this kit you will be able to charge a battery powerpack, a light, or a fun interactive floating ball display where a ping pong ball floats in the air as shown in this YouTube video

This kit can be assembled in 20 minutes. See video instructions at:

4 PARTS INCLUDED IN THIS KIT: 300 Watt Air Cooled Pulley Drive Generator, Adjustable Length Belt (Fits Kids Bike or Adult Bike), Bike Stand, Adapter Mounting Plate

BELT vs ROLLER: You may be asking yourself which type of pedal power generator to get. A belt drive bike generator or a roller style. The roller style generator is quick to setup, but is 10% to 20% less efficient than the belt drive system when you go into higher wattage ranges. Also the roller type bike generator can be up to 2x more noisy than the belt type if your bike has mountain bike tires on it.

In the most basic of terms, a bicycle generator creates a potential energy when you move the pedals on your bicycle. The potential energy is measured in terms of “Volts”. The faster you pedal on your bicycle, the higher the Voltage reading from your generator. If you want to see a video demonstration of how this works the go to
When you have nothing hooked up to your pedal power bicycle generator dynamo, you will be able to pedal with no effort at all. But as soon as you connect an electrical device to the generator output like a light bulb, or a lead acid rechargeable batter powerpack, then you will suddenly feel resistance to your pedaling efforts.

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