Baby First Aid: Baby 26 – Piece Deluxe Hygiene Kit

Baby First Aid: Baby 26 – Piece Deluxe Hygiene Kit

This Baby Basics kit has just about everything you need to keep your baby clean, healthy and happy. Made by Summer Infant. Kit includes: Brush, comb, nail clippers, medicine syringe, nasal aspirator, digital thermometer, forehead thermometer with case, fi

Hygiene Training Kit

  • Free booklet on bottled media included
  • Certificate of Analysis available upon request

Students learn the proper method of personal hygiene and surface cleaning. A hand washing video explains how to use Glo-Germproducts for hand washing and surface disinfection. Kit also includes Germs Make Me Sick, a book for children; a set of elementary school activity sheets (can be copied); an 8-oz bottle of Glo-Germoil-based liquid; a 4-oz bottle of Glo-Germpowder; and a battery-operated black light (batteries included). To use the kit, the Glo-Germliquid is applied to the hands like hand lotion, or the powder is lightly dusted onto a surface. Students wash their hands or clean the surface, and the black light is used to shine over the hands or the surface for glowing after-effects, which demonstrates that hands or surface was not thoroughly cleaned.

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