AquaPod Kit Deluxe Emergency Water Storage Kit Reviews

AquaPod Kit Deluxe Emergency Water Storage Kit

  • Aqua Pod Kit Deluxe Means Safe Drinking Water for Your Family
  • Comes with Lock & Load Pump for Easy Loading
  • Includes Three Tub Liners for More Water Storage
  • Be Prepared for Any Emergency
  • Protect Your Whole Family

The AquaPod Kit Deluxe Emergency Water Storage Kit model lets you store 65 gallons of water, a 14 day supply for a family of 4. Use it when a flood, water repairs or hurricane is predicted that could interrupt a safe water supply . Use the included pump to remove water as needed. The Aqua Pod Kit Deluxe is reusable: it comes with three liners. This water storage kit made of a low density polyethylene bag and a manual hand pump is a practical way to solve emergency storage needs without buying, carrying and storing 65 gallons of bottled water. Beware of using fire truck storage tanks or previously used cans or bottles for water storage: contamination with microbes or chemicals is possible. Plastic jugs or cardboard containers previously used for milk or fruit juice are like petri dishes in a lab: Milk protein and fruit sugars lingering in these containers provide an environment for bacterial growth when used for water storage. Don’t take the risk. Keep your emergency water supply in a closed system designed for safe water storage and water distribution. Remember, you need water to wash and to flush toilets as well as for cooking and cleaning. Each Aqua Pod Deluxe Kit Contains: 3 disposable tub liners, each 40 inches by 80 inches. This will fit in a Jacuzzi tub or standard 5 feet tub. An average tub holds 70 gallons. 2 disposable tie clamps to hold the bag to water spigot during approximate 10 minute time that it takes to fill the bag. (Dependent upon water pressure.) 1 reusable pump with locking system. Locks the pump to the liner bag. FDA approved plastic,LDPE Plastic. Low Density Polyethylene Plastic. Shelf Life: Up to 10 years depending upon storage. Made in the USA.

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