Adventure Medical Kits Outfitter Kit

Adventure Medical Kits Outfitter Kit

  • Administer cpr safely
  • Basecamp or backpack duty
  • Clean and close wounds
  • Dress bullet and arrow wounds
  • High visibility – day or night

The Outfitter is purpose-built for people passionate about hunting and fishing – people who aren’t afriaid to venture off the beaten path in search of the ultimate trophy. Intended for guides, outfitters, and large groups on trips up to two weeks long, the Outfitter includes a detachable Field Trauma kit that easily slips into a daypack for excursions away from base camp. With features like an irrigation syringe and wound closure strips for cleaning and closing lacerations, petrolatum gauze for dressing gunshot and arrowhead wounds, trauma pads to stop severre bleeding, and a SAM(r) splint to stabilize fractures and sprains, the Outfitter makes it clear that it means business when it comes to keeping you safe on your next expedition.

First Aid Only 50 Person Bulk First Aid Kit, Ansi, 196-Piece Kit

  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

This 196 pc. bulk first aid kit is ideal for contractors, fleet vehicles, worksites or small companies with up to 50 employees. Designed for the workplace, this kit is compliant with ANSI standards* and also meets or exceeds federal OSHA recommendations with 20 critical products. The plastic case, with slanted, spill-proof dividers is wall mountable yet has a handle for easy carrying. Kit includes: first aid guide, vinyl gloves, large assortment of bandages, latex-free elastic bandage, triangular sling/bandage, gauze dressings, trauma pad, antiseptics, ointments, instant cold compress, eye wash, first aid tape, scissors, tweezers, and OTC medication.

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