2 Pack Survival Kit Can Opener, Military, P-51 Model

2 Pack Survival Kit Can Opener, Military, P-51 Model

  • Quantity: 2 Per Pack
  • NOT surplus — these are brand new and manufactured in England
  • Same Model and Manufacturer As Issued to British Military
  • Folding.
  • Color: Silver

A can opener? Really? The reality is that the world contains a heck of a lot of canned goods. In a survival or emergency situation, it’s easy to forget one of the best inventions in history: the can opener. Seriously.

Multi-tools are great, but if lost or broken, how are you going to get that can open? A knife? Don’t think so. And, using the wrong tool for this job exposes you to injury. So look, these are inexpensive, strong, proven and effective, and should be in your survival kit and in your car.

The design for these openers have been around since 1942. The P-38 version was issued in the canned field rations of World War II. This version is a larger version (a P-51 model) and is easier to operate because it takes less turns to open the can. The manufacturer is the same one that makes them for the British military, and these are made in England.

They are seen in disaster recovery efforts and have been handed out alongside canned food by rescue organizations, both in the United States and abroad.

Hard to believe something this small can possibly prevent serious hunger. But it certainly can, and has done so for decades.
Quantity: 2 Per Pack
Color: Silver

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